Marketing and Media   Strategy,Omni-Channel ideation and execution

  • Networked with other professionals
  • Earned one or more college degrees
  • Served on a board of directors for an organization
  • Limited-edition achievement recognizing early members of Workfolio
  • Taught a subject or trade to others
  • Received one or more promotions within an organization
  • Endorsed by co-workers or clients
  • Spoken in front of an audience about an area of expertise
  • Has had direct reports in an organization


Cheryl a. Rozier
One of the biggest challenges someone can face in life is to be an individual. Embrace the challenge. Once you conquer that, everything else will seem easy.
Who I Am
I have a track record of developing marketing strategies for B2B and B2C initiatives that increase brand awareness and drive revenue growth. I have event planning experience for trade shows, sales conferences and consumer facing activations. I've led internal and external teams to create and produce both printed and digital sales materials and consumer focused promotional collateral. I leverage assets and deliver data that can be used to learn, test and grow into the future. As for life off the clock, I’m a native of Brooklyn New York who is also an avid world traveler, cook & baker who likes to eat and loves to dance.

What I Do
I'm a creative problem solver interested in ideas to enhance engagement and drive sales. With expertise in traditional and digital channels, I’m a marketer known for launching debut talent and growing international best-selling brands. I build strong vendor and client relationships that always have an eye on long term results and reciprocal benefits. I always keep an eye on scheduling, creative execution, and budget. I'm exhaustively curious and always eager to learn. I'm adaptable and have the ability to adjust priorities and timelines. I believe that collaboration leads to the best ideas and supporting teams to use their voices to elevate project and corporate goals.

Core Competencies
Integrated Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy – (Digital, mobile, broadcast, OOH) Leveraging what you say on the channels you choose to address your customer and ensuring the message is relevant, resonating and realizing right results based on initial target criteria.

Audience Targeting and Development – Identifying your core audience and the ways and timing around when and how often to engage.

Content Strategy – Developing personas that resonate for the company and turn the persona into person. Understanding and matching the brand story to the consumer.

Team Building – identifying the voices that need to be in the room and creating space to understand the customer experience from the side of the business POV and the customer POV.


  1. Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Healthfirst
  2. M/WBE Certification for City of New York, C. A. Roze Consulting
  3. -
    C.A. Roze Consulting LLC, Managing Director
  4. -
    Digital Marketing Mini-MBA Certification , Rutger's University
  5. -
    Director, Integrated Marketing Operations, HarperCollins Publishers
  6. -
    Advertising Director, Hachette Book Group
  7. -
    Advertising Director, Time Warner Book Group
  8. Andrew Heiskell Community Service Award

    Time Warner's annual community service award which recognizes community service and civic leadership for any Time Warner employee throughout the world

Proudest Accomplishment

Creating a consumer engagement experience that over delivered on KPI’s by 54.2%.

Experience Highlights

  • Building  Partnerships
    Created the first-time author rate growing brands with partners at the NYT, WSJ and USA Today

Education Highlights

  • Certification, Programmatic Advertising
    The Trading Academy
  • Mini MBA, Digital Marketing
    Rutgers University
  • MBA, Media Management
    Metropolitan College of New York
  • MA, Media Studies
    New School University
  • BBA, Marketing
    Pace University


  • The Next Generation
    Children's Aid Society
  • Feeding those in Need
    City Harvest


  • Off The Clock Activities
    Traveling, Cooking, Classic Film, Photography, Video, Knitting, Sewing, Dancing


  • INtegrated Marketing
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Media
  • Advertising

Questions & Answers

Why did you choose a career in marketing and why does it still interest you?
I chose a career in marketing because I have always been interested in communicating with people and exploring how society relates to culture. For some people, marketing is about selling, but to me, marketing is about discovery. Good marketing programs allow people to learn and challenge themselves with new ideas, food, film, books and experiences. It provides a path to discover new interests and passions. Marketing provides a way of seeing yourself and others; the ability to imagine yourself wearing green instead of gray, traveling to a country they knew nothing about, but intrigues them to visit. Being a part of a dynamic like that doesn't get stale; it is exciting and a way to stay in a never-ending loop of learning, testing and growing in my own journey.
What is the most important lesson you have learned in your life?
That kindness and a smile can take you a long way in life. It also helps if you have a dimple! Dimples cheer people up. I believe the energy you put out into the universe sets the tone for the people around you and that is important to recognize as a leader and team manager. That sometimes means talking yourself into a good mood. It means you don’t quit and push through to the other side of any situation and you help your team members pull through as well. Being kind to yourself and others is important, especially during challenging times. So treat yourself to some ice cream after making the extra effort, because, well you deserve ice cream after any major accomplishment. Ice cream or gelato, I find you can’t go wrong with either, unless you’re lactose intolerant. Then go for cake, pie or a spa. I believe in having options.
How are the things you do for fun reflected in your professional life?
After spending time with family and friends, traveling is one of my all time favorite past times. Exploring different parts of the world is exhilarating. I usually travel alone and have no sense of direction, so that makes things extra special! Getting lost in places where I’m not fluent in the language gives me some interesting stories to tell. I’m a good mimic, so I can always learn to say hello, please, thank you and where’s the bathroom anywhere I go (crucial information to have). That speaks to my adaptability, willingness to explore and challenge myself outside of my comfort zone.

I like to work with my hands to make things. I knit and I am a certified tailor. I’m nowhere near Project Runway good, but I’ve made clothes for myself and at one point made wedding dresses for others. Making things makes me happy. It’s solving a mystery and getting puzzle pieces to fit, exercising both sides of my brain.

I also like to cook. Mostly, I like to eat so cooking is a good skill to have because of my passion for food. More importantly, it gives me the opportunity to connect to people, to strengthen and grow my personal and professional community.
How do you distinguish between management skills and leadership skills?
Managers direct staff. Leaders create a vision. I think managers are good at execution and leaders are not only good at execution, but are working along side their team, supporting, motivating, mentoring and teaching. Being a resource for guidance and big picture thinking and if necessary working right along side them to make the magic happen. A leader is looking for the best ways to achieve business goals and at the same time being invested in growing the team’s professional skills. Excited and engaged people find new ways to create opportunities for their own growth as well as a company’s growth. A win/win situation.


  • M/WBE Certificate NYC
    M/WBE Certificate NYC

The Big Apple


New York, New York  United States

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